PGFN publishes new order for registration in the Active Debt of the Union and Fiscal Execution

The National Treasury General Attorney (PGFN) published Ordinance 33/2018, on Feb-02-2018, which regulates Article 20-B and 20-C of Law 10,522/2002 and deals with procedures to send debts for enrollment in the Active Debt (DAU) purposes.

2018 IRPF: What are the legal discounts?

With the provision of Individual Income Tax Statement auxiliary programs by the Federal Revenue of Brazil, it is time to prepare for the deadlines and the news disclosed since the publication of RFB NI 1756/2017.

Federal Revenue warns on start period of EFD-Reinf deployment

On Feb-02-2018, Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) disclosed at SPED Portal an information on the stages of the schedule for the production of the Digital Tax Withholding and Other Tax Information (EFD-Reinf).

EFD-Reinf: DPC promotes on-demand training for client

DPC’s experts promote customized events for companies, addressing diverse contents in the areas of taxes, labor, and social security, according to the particularities universe of each business.

Fisco Fácil guarantees more agility in tracking tax and tax issues

Issuance non-overdue liability certificates, state taxpayer registration clearance, and consultation of fiscal mesh. These are the services to which taxpayers and accountants may access through Fisco Fácil, a Rio de Janeiro Finance and Planning Department tool, which makes these processes more agile throughout the state.

Companies with foreign capital are required to send CBE to Central Bank

All legal residing entities and individuals domiciled or headquartered in Brazil, holding amounts, assets, goods and/or rights overseas in amounts equal to or greater than USD 100,000 , 00 (one hundred thousand US dollars), or the equivalent in other currencies, shall annually present the Brazilian Statement of CBE.

What changes in the working day with the labor reform?

The Law 13,467/2017, known as the labor reform law, brought many changes in labor relations. Among the most important points, we have change in the rules dealing with the working day, as the text explains.

Companies receiving foreign investment should attempt to the deadline to submit information to Central Bank

Companies receiving foreign direct investment, as established by Brazil’s Central Bank Circular 3,814 dated 07/12/2016, amended by Circular 3,822, of Jan-20-2017, should pay attention to some obligations, with the service term up to Mar-31-2018.

Federal Revenue provides new tax legislation adjustments for oil and gas area

The Federal Revenue of Brazil, continuing the revision of the legislation applicable to oil and gas related activities, published Normative Instruction 1786/2018, in January 30, 2018, once more dealing with changes in the tax treatment of exploration and oil and natural gas development and production activities.

DPC attends PALFINGER with plan and special features for accounting closing after incorporation process

Domingues e Pinho is always looking for customized solutions to attend satisfactorily the clients, which are part of its portfolio.
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