Labor Reform: Aspects of regulation of home office

Law No. 13467/177 presented the legal concept of telework or home office and brought the conditions for its execution. Such regulation was important for bringing legal certainty, as this modality is increasingly present in the daily work relations.

DIRF individuals: taxpayer must be aware of the obligation

Annually, compliance with tax obligations for individuals raises doubts in taxpayers. In addition to affecting companies, the complex Brazilian tax legislation also lies with the average citizen, who faces a series of tax requirements.

Changes in validation of electronic invoice (NF-e) in 2018

To avoid setbacks and to be able at the time of mandatory it is essential that the migration tests and procedures for the new rule be carried out as soon as possible.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores joins the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce

Association of the company to the Chamber of Commerce reflects the interest in expanding partnerships and business with the Chinese.

Efficient management of benefits impacts business productivity

Giving employees an attractive benefit package is the key to attracting and retaining talent. A well planned benefit management is an important resource for motivating and engaging the internal public, with positive impacts on the organization's productivity.

New tax rules for oil and gas industry

Complex issues permeate the oil and gas segment when it comes to the tax area and accounting procedures in Brazil. To extract the full potential of this market, companies, in addition to constantly investing in more efficient technologies and better management practices, should follow the regulatory changes of the activity and improve cost and tax control.

Tax changes for the oil and gas industry in 2018

A new tax regime for oil and gas companies was defined by the conversion of Provisional Measure No. 795/2017 into Law 13.586/ 2017 and the edition of Normative Instructions of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) and of the General Attorney of National Treasury (PGFN).

RAIS Filing Deadline base year 2017 was defined

Official Gazette of Jan-17-2018 published that the Ministry of Labor defined the information required and the deadline for transmission of the Annual Social Information Reports (RAIS) for the base year 2017 by means of MTb Administrative Rule No 31/2018.

RFB created new rules for ECD

Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) consolidated and amended the legislation dealing with Digital Accounting Bookkeeping (ECD), through Normative Instruction (NI) 1774/2017.

Special and Differential Economic and Tax Monitoring in 2018

The Brazil’s Federal Revenue, through the publication of RFB Ordinance 3.311/2017, established the criteria for indication of legal entities to be submitted to the differential and special economic tax monitoring in 2018.
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