Rio de Janeiro’s municipal government now requires the Annual Statement of IPTU Registration Information for individuals and legal entities  

DeCAD is a new way of annually declaring, as from 2021, the registration information about real properties belonging to individuals or legal entities in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

DPC contributes to Subnational Doing Business in Brazil 2021, published by the World Bank

For the first time, the project presents detailed data about the business market in all Brazilian states.

ECD and ECF: the obligations’ cross-check requires preliminary analysis and technological support to ensure compliance

Technology is essential to ensure the integrity of ECD and ECF data, mitigating risks and ensuring accounting and tax compliance.

Opinion of the General Counsel for the National Treasury – Elimination of ICMS from PIS and Cofins tax base

The General Counsel for the National Treasury (Procuradoria-Geral da Fazenda Nacional - PGFN) instructs the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office that tax liabilities should not be assessed in opposition to the Federal Supreme Court determination.

Quarterly Financial Economic Statement (DEF): submission deadline is June 30

Companies that receive foreign investment must keep an eye on this Bacen requirement.

Issuance of Licenses, Authorizations, Certificates and other Export Public Documents via Siscomex Portal

Amended Act that provides for the issue of licenses, authorizations and export certificates.

Instructions to the Tax Administration – STF decision regarding ICMS elimination from PIS/Cofins calculation basis

The National Treasury Attorney-General's Office (Procuradoria-Geral da Fazenda Nacional - PGFN) published ORDER No. 246, which instructs the Tax Administration, according to the appellate decision about the Motions for Clarification opposed by PGFN on Extraordinary Appeal 574.706/PR.

eSocial: submitting of information about Occupational Health and Safety and individuals is postponed

It was announced today, June 8, 2021, on the eSocial Portal, the postponement of the submission of information about individual employers and Occupational Health and Safety for the 1st Group.

Legal framework for startups comes into effect

Although it represents an important step in the legal field, the legal framework for startups still needs changes in the sector's tax structure.

Activities related to natural gas transportation

Regulates the Law that approved the new legal framework for natural gas.
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