Individual’s Income Tax: deadline for PGBL tax benefit is Dec-28-2017

Anyone who wants to hire a PGBL plan or make an additional contribution must act until Dec-28-2017, last Banking Day of the year, otherwise the taxpayer will not be able to claim the benefit in the next IR submission related to the calendar year 2017.

Rio Sustentável: Domingues e Pinho supports project that take sustainability theme to children and teenagers

Domingues e Pinho Contadores supported the Rio Sustentável (Sustainable Rio) project, with a mission to raise environmental awareness in children.

New deployment dates for eSocial and EFD-Reinf were disclosed

Following the announcement of the new eSocial deployment schedule, which will be carried out from the first half of 2018, onwards, in five phases, the RFB also established that the beginning of EFD-Reinf obligation for each group of taxpayers would coincide with the initial filing of eSocial periodic events.

Key aspects of labor reform and the influences on eSocial

The new labor law is being considered as the biggest change ever in the Consolidated Labor Laws (Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas - “CLT”). The doubts are still great among employers and workers, and some aspects will become clearer over time as a result of the new procedures and new case law by Labor Court.

RFB changes rules for refunding, compensation and reimbursement requests

The publication of the Normative Instruction RFB 1,765 on Dec-04-2017 brought changes in the rules on refunding, compensation, repayment, and claims for reimbursement under the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB).

Maturities of ISS Rio de Janeiro for 2018

Rio de Janeiro City Hall published Decree 44 030 on Dec-08-2017 changing the payment date of Tax on Any Service Nature (ISS), already effective on Dec/2017, which the maturity now is on Jan-04-2018.

DPC promotes on demand training to MAN Diesel & Turbo

DPC received MAN Diesel & Turbo members at Rio de Janeiro office for training on federal taxes withholding rules. The event was planned on demand to meet the client’s request, focusing on training of its professionals from financial, accounting and taxes areas.

Siscoserv: what it is, requirement, deadlines, fines and penalties

Siscoserv is a computerized system developed to record information of marketing services operations, intangible and other operations that produce variations in entities’ equity of resident or domiciled abroad, among which the export and import operations services.

Prepare your company for the compulsory filing of EFD-Reinf from 2018

EFD-Reinf and eSocial: both are accessory obligations that taxpayer should meet in 2018, which require great attention to deploy, and will have a great impact on the companies' routines.

Federal Revenue established a new accessory obligation to inform transactions settled in cash

RFB Normative Instruction 1,761/2017 establishes the obligation to file information on settled transactions in cash, totally or partially, from sale or assignment of goods or rights, services, rent or other operations, onerous or gratuitous.
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