The Technical Manual of Social Security Medical Expertise was disclosed

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) published on Mar-20-2018, in the Official Gazette,the INSS Resolution 637, which has as an annex the Technical Manual of Social Security Medical Examination.

Labor reform: prevalence of Agreements or Collective Bargaining Agreements over the Law

One of the principles established by Law 13467/2017 is the negotiation through a bargaining or collective agreement prevails over the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws), except in cases in which the negotiation is considered as an illegal object.

What are the most common mistakes at Individual’s IR Statement preparation?

The 2018 Individual’s Income Tax Statement (Declaração de Imposto de Renda de Pessoa Física - “DIRPF”) (base year 2017), whose deadline extends by April 30, requires a lot of attention and organization for taxpayers who wants to be free of the fine mesh.

eSocial: expectations for the second deployment phase

Since March 1, the second phase of eSocial deployment has been in progress for companies with gross revenues greater than BRL 78 million, which are required to file non-recurring events data, corresponding to turnovers or changes in employee’s life at the company (hiring, leaves and terminations).

eSocial deployment: how the first phase was

On February 28, the first phase of eSocial deployment was closed for companies with an annual turnover greater than BRL 78 million, in which the employer registration data and item tables were informed. See what were the strongest experiences for our specialists and clients.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores was honored in Observatório Social do Rio event

The Observatório Social do Rio de Janeiro (OSB-Rio) promoted the event "Transparência e Ética nas Contas Públicas" (Transparency and Ethics in Public Accounts, in a free translation), on March 13, at OAB-RJ's headquarters, where it gave the audience to know its actions in 2017.

Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Domingues e Pinho Contadores promote an event turned to individuals reporting IRPF and CBE

The period in which taxpayers are required to provide annual information to Treasury and Central Bank is ongoing. In order to guide this public, on March 12, the Portuguese Chamber Commerce of Rio de Janeiro and Domingues e Pinho Contadores (DPC) promoted the seminar "Obrigações Fiscais das Pessoas Físicas: Imposto de Renda e Capitais Brasileiros no Exterior” (Individuals’ Tax Obligations: Income Tax and Brazilian Capitals Abroad).

PGFN publishes new order for registration in the Active Debt of the Union and Fiscal Execution

The National Treasury General Attorney (PGFN) published Ordinance 33/2018, on Feb-02-2018, which regulates Article 20-B and 20-C of Law 10,522/2002 and deals with procedures to send debts for enrollment in the Active Debt (DAU) purposes.

2018 IRPF: What are the legal discounts?

With the provision of Individual Income Tax Statement auxiliary programs by the Federal Revenue of Brazil, it is time to prepare for the deadlines and the news disclosed since the publication of RFB NI 1756/2017.

Federal Revenue warns on start period of EFD-Reinf deployment

On Feb-02-2018, Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) disclosed at SPED Portal an information on the stages of the schedule for the production of the Digital Tax Withholding and Other Tax Information (EFD-Reinf).
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