DPC supports projects related to digital culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship


New Gas Law: opportunities and challenges for the businesses in this sector

The Law was followed by the Confaz regulations, but the sector still demands that other points be clarified to increase legal certainty.

DPC supports Trimble to overcome the integration challenges in the merger process

DPC combined its expertise in advising businesses in the technological area with its experience in business management and mergers to support the American multinational Trimble in the integration process of a Brazilian company.

Income Tax Return: precautions to prevent the risk being caught in the malha fina

Knowing the main inaccuracies that lead to a pending at RFB helps to prevent problems with the tax authorities.

The Federal Revenue has extended the deadline for reporting the Income Tax Return

<h1>The Federal Revenue has extended the deadline for reporting the Income Tax Return</h1> <br /> <em><h4>Taxpayer now has until May 31 to comply with the tax […]

Deadline extension: Rais can be reported until April 30

The Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor has extended the reporting period of the Annual Social Information List (Relação Anual de Informações Sociais - Rais) base year 2020.

Ready for the future, DPC completes 37 years

Domingues e Pinho Contadores has completed 37 years dedicated to offering the market valuable solutions in accounting outsourcing and business management. Read the release.

Covid-19: Technical Note clarifies about the occupational health and safety measures

The Technical Note provides additional guidance to employers concerning the risk of contamination by coronavirus at the work environment.

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and Ordinary General Meeting for accounts approval: the deadline is on April 30

Since most companies adopt a period that coincide with the fiscal year-end, the deadline for the Annual Shareholders' Meeting or Annual General Meeting is April 30.

Starting a business: strategic decisions impact the business since the foundation phase

Start-up stage involves decisions that must be based on efficient planning.
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