Tax planning 2019: Appropriate practices contribute to business success

In times when cost reduction is an objective pursued by companies, the tax planning becomes even more strategic.

IFRS 16: how to comply with the standard that influences lease registrations

In January 2019, IFRS 16 came into force, imposing changes in the leasing records of companies, such as leasing vehicles, offices and other types of assets.

Tax credit recovery: a boost to emerge from the crisis

In times of crisis, companies have been using more and more the tax credit recovery in order to minimize the impact of taxes on their operations. This legal alternative can give cash back to boost the finances.

Tax liability of the members: in times of electronic supervision it is necessary to be more attentive to the company’s obligations

Tax obligations and many acronyms are old known to anyone who undertakes in Brazil. However, accountability in an integrated digital environment extends taxpayers' accountability for the assertiveness of information sent to enforcement agents at the national, state, or municipal levels.

What can tax review do for your company?

The tax review is a complete diagnosis of the company's fiscal behavior, fundamental to charting its current outlook. This work analyzes the fiscal and tax area in a global way, in order to map situations that can be corrected.

What changes in companies’ routine with eSocial

Specialists unanimously say that eSocial have impacts to the companies’ routine and imposes a new way in the day-to-day actions.

IFRS 15 and IFRS 16: Accounting standards impact companies

With the International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS, the Accounting Pronouncements Committee (CPC) has issued new standards and companies need to be aware of the impacts on their business, promoting adjustments, including operational adjustments, when necessary.

eSocial: system generates large workflow for companies

The system not only imposes on companies the need to adapt to a new work routine and structure, but also goes beyond, requiring businesses in Brazil to establish a new organizational culture.

DCTFWeb: a link between eSocial and EFD-Reinf

The DCTFWeb (Statement of Debits and Credits Federal Social Security Tax and Other Entities and Funds) is the new RFB feature intended to replace the FGTS Payment Slip and Information to Social Security - GFIP.

eSocial: new phase is mandatory for companies with revenues up to BRL 78 million, except micro, small and MEI

Observing the difficulties faced by large companies with eSocial may support the overcoming of the new employers’ group main challenges.
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