OSH – Notice of Occupational Accident and training

Information about Notice of Occupational Accident and training to eSocial.



OSH – Notice of Occupational Accident and training

As from 10/13/2021, submission of events S-2210, S-2220, and S-2240 of Occupational Safety and Medicine became mandatory for companies in Group 1 of eSocial. Companies from Groups 2 and 3 must submit them as from 01/10/2022.

We would like to call attention to some points:

1. Notice of Occupational Accident (Comunicação de Acidente de Trabalho - CAT)

According to Ordinance SEPRT No. 4.334/2021, the Notice of Occupational Health must be registered only electronically through eSocial, when the submission of event S-2210 becomes mandatory for the entity issuing the notice.

Therefore, if an accident occurs, the occupational safety and medicine company must send event S-2210 at the system, besides giving a counterpart of the document to the employee and another to the corresponding union.

2. Training

Data about training, qualification courses, simulations and other employee notes must be sent together with the hiring event.

Information related to training, qualification courses and simulations must be included in the employee registration, as established by the Regulatory Standards. This information is submitted when filling out “Table 28 – Training, Qualification Courses, Simulations and Other Notes” of eSocial.

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