Outsourcing brings improvements to HR Management

In order to optimize the performance of the area, outsourcing some services has been gaining space in the market, such as the recruitment and selection of new employees, performance assessments and training.


Outsourcing brings improvements to HR Management

Acting for people development, motivation, retention of talent and engagement with business objectives became Human Resources Department’s essential tasks, which has been increasingly reaching recognition as a strategic area for organizations.

However, in many cases, HR is still involved in daily and operational activities that are necessary for the company, but they represent a barrier to the area be able to assume the expected strategically contributing role to achieve the results.

In order to optimize the performance of the area, outsourcing some services has been gaining space in the market, such as the recruitment and selection of new employees, performance assessments and training.

By opting to outsource tasks like these, the company is able to stay focused on its core business, reducing costs, increasing productivity and relying on work of experts up-to-date with the best practices in the market.

The solution also represents a good option for multinationals that are not yet familiar with the Brazilian professional culture and profile, as well as the labor aspects.

Outsourcing the searching for new talents

Selecting talents in line with the values of an institution is the fundamental point. Finding the right professionals with the right skills is essential for any business. For this, it is important that the process promote an overall assessment, based on analysis of technical expertise and behavioral issues. Choosing the right applicant for a position requires investing in time and a thorough study, a process that requires the dedication of a specialist.

Counting on a specialized company able to apply an assertive methodology in this search, the recruitment becomes more agile and objective. A recruitment that does not fit the search may lead to a premature termination of employment relationship, generating new costs, in addition to impacting the department where that professional was working at.

Measuring performance to develop

The external quest for solutions to evaluate and develop your human capital has also been gaining space. Through the periodic performance evaluation, it is possible to identify the potentials and competences that the employees need to develop, and to value their talent and performance.

The contracting company is responsible for the planning goals and outlining their expectations and objectives in relation to the service. The contractor is responsible for mapping the organization culture that will be evaluated in order to understand its management model and practices. From there, the outsourcer can apply the necessary and more appropriate tools to each kind of business to evaluate the development of each employee at his or her position.

Empowering is to value


The work does not end at finding the ideal profile for the company. Retaining this talent is essential. Certainly, the client’s HR will act motivating this employee, but it is also possible to count on outsourced services for training. A well-planned strategy contributes to employee to feel valued by the company.

Developing appropriate courses to the different hierarchical levels aiming to promote skills such as self-knowledge, leadership, and communication is a great way for individual upgrading, for organizational environment improvement and for retention of professionals.

Find the ideal partner for the best result

Outsourcing activities such as those aforementioned may represent benefits to companies in reducing costs and optimizing internal processes, ensuring  breathing space to the internal HR focus on what is more strategic.

However, by choosing to seek a partner for this task, some care is critical. It is necessary to evaluate the company to whom to entrust the mission, verifying the expertise in the area, its clients’ portfolio, the team that will be directly involved with the provision of these services and the tools that should be used.

Domingues and Pinho Contadores has been providing personnel management services for over than 15 years, focusing on development of key processes relevant to the area, working together with the diagnosis client to monitor the results.

Through the DPC Talent Solution service, effective and up-to-date recruitment and selection practices, performance appraisals and training in a wide range of areas are deployed. These services nourish the client with information and resources that will enable more efficient processes and a better management and utilization of their human capital.

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