“Concilia Rio 2017” Program


“Concilia Rio 2017” Program

The Law 6.156/2017 was published on Apr-28-2017 in the Official Gazette of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, returning to “Concilia Rio” Program. By this program originally introduced in 2015, the City of Rio de Janeiro grants discounts on interests for ISS, IPTU, ITBI debits, penalties and other local taxes.

“Concilia Rio” covers the tax and non-tax credits enrolled not enrolled in Active Debt, for triggering events up to December 31, 2016, as follows:

I - for cash payment of tax credits registered or not in Active Debt, a reduction of eighty percent (80%) in default charges and of ex officio penalties;

II - for cash payment of non-tax credits enrolled in Active Debt, a reduction of one hundred percent (100%) in default charges;

III - for in up to twelve installments of tax credits and non-tax credits enrolled or not in the Active Debt, a reduction of fifty percent (50%) of default charges and ex officio penalties; and

IV - for tax credits and non-tax credits registered in Active Debt or of tax credits not registered in Active Debt installments between thirteen and forty-eight installments, a reduction of 30% (thirty percent) in default charges and ex officio penalty.

“Concilia Rio” Program shall last ninety days from the regulation of Law 6,156/2017.

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