Ready for the future, DPC completes 37 years

Domingues e Pinho Contadores has completed 37 years dedicated to offering the market valuable solutions in accounting outsourcing and business management. Read the release.


Ready for the future, DPC completes 37 years

On April 2, Domingues e Pinho Contadores completed 37 years dedicated to offering the market valuable solutions in accounting outsourcing and business management. Founded in 1984, the company has experienced changes, overcome challenges, grown, and expanded its portfolio of services. Today, the offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Macaé have a total of 550 employees. The client portfolio is composed of large companies, national and multinational, from the oil and gas, energy, technology, telecom, investment, and participation areas, among many other segments.

Manuel Domingues e Pinho, DPC's founder and CEO

“We have reached 37 years of history built on solid foundations, resulting from work and dedication of our personnel and the trust of clients in our solutions”.

The company, in the last two years, has been undergoing an intense transformation. The Kinesis project has centralized these initiatives so that DPC positions itself as a more strategic, technological, and innovative company, paying attention to the evolution of the market, to the current and future trends and needs of its clients.

This project brings 15 work fronts that propose structuring actions in terms of people, processes, and technologies. Standing at the top, and permeating all the other fronts, stands the client-centricity, indicating that all actions should focus on the client's experience and satisfaction.

The implementation of the Customer Care area, which is ahead of the main initiatives that put the client at the center of the business, is the materialization of this commitment. The sector acts as a complementary area to the operational and routine service, with an eye on client strategies, proposing specific solutions that contribute to their business growth.

Another objective is to strengthen HR, recognized by DPC as a strategic support for achieving results. New hires, restructuring programs of attraction, retention, training and development of teams and leaders have been intensified in recent months.

All the movements are supported by investments in technology, especially in the development of company-owned and customized systems that support the internal actions, bringing more efficiency and agility to the daily routine.

These and other steps are already starting to be reflected in the quality of the service provided, in the presence of the company in more strategic moments of the clients' life cycle, and, therefore, in the achieved results.


Even though the tone is one of change, Pinho reinforces that the company wishes to continue to be recognized for its ethics, excellence and commitment to the client, values that are in the DPC’s DNA, contributing to its clients’s business, to the evolution of the accounting market and for the development of Brazil.

For the second time, the company's anniversary period has coincided with a critical phase of the pandemic, in which, once again, the teams had to be replaced to work home-based. The technological preparation to operate under these conditions, the result of consistent investments in recent years, has been a decisive factor in maintaining the level of service quality.

DPC understands that has a key role in the operation of clients' businesses, whether in their payrolls closing, balance sheets and financial statements, but also in decision making, such as mergers and acquisitions.

“Our performance supports the operation of hundreds of other businesses and our work impacts thousands of employees of these companies, which gives us a dimension of the responsibility we have and motivates us to deposit so much energy in deliveries”, emphasized Pinho.

Watch the video in which the DPC's CEO leaves a special thanks message, comments about the challenges of this new moment and how the company is being prepared for the future.

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