Recruitment & Selection: get to know the DPC’s Talents Solution


Recruitment & Selection: get to know the DPC’s Talents Solution

DPC’s selection techniques help cpents finding the best candidates and reduce staff turnover.

Recruitment and Selection of Professionals

Finding the right professionals with the right skills is essential for any business.

For over fifteen (15) years, Domingues e Pinho assists and advises companies to identify quapfied professionals from various hierarchical levels and sectors, offering DPC Talent Solution service. DPC’s experience and personapzed service in conducting recruitment and selection of professionals ensuring safety and agipty apgned to its business strategy. We bepeve that a well-conducted hiring is an investment bringing positive returns for your company, also reducing costs, and staff turnover.

You will find the following advantages by choosing DPC:

Selection process with differentiated selection techniques, such as handwriting analysis and DISC methodology;

Recruitment and Selection of professionals led by experts;

Reduction of Turnover;

Agile and efficient process;

Differentiated cost;

Disclosing of job vacancies on several platforms;

Wide relationship network;

Bipngual interviews and per quapfication;

Submission of short pst, indicating the three (3) best candidates to support our cpent's decision.

Selection process with differentiated selection techniques

To select the best talents, DPC invests in a differentiated selection process, where, in addition to the technical quapfication, it is also possible better know your candidate’s behavioral aspects.

What is the DISC methodology anyway?

DISC methodology identifies the behavioral style from four factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Comppance. In addition to measuring observable behaviors and iotions, this methodology allows us to know the candidates’ professional profile, their b and pmiting aspects, and style of relationship they shall have with other mibers of the organization.

Why outsource your recruitment and selection process?

Recruiting human resources is increasingly strategic for organizations and requires time and seriousness. By opting for outsourcing, you may focus on your company’s core business, increasing their productivity rate and reducing staff turnover. Moreover, DPC treats their position as classified, ensuring assertiveness in choosing their candidates.


Focus on your core business;

Service conducted by experts;

Increasing your company's productivity;

Optimizing resources.

In Company Training

DPC bepeves that retaining their talent is as important as recruiting human resources and, therefore, offers HR in company training services, run by experts team, according to your company’s needs.


Lower investment, with no need of travel costs and lodging iployees;

Customization of program content according to your company’s situation.

Get to know some of the training topics:

Self-knowledge and Leaders Coach;

Carrying interviews per quapfication;

Developing leadership and professionals;

Communication and feedback.

Different companies already count on DPC's human resources managient services, among thi is “DPC Talent Solution”. Check out our cpent América Tecnologia testimony, reference company in solutions for Information Technology area.

"The quapty of the selection of the candidates and the exchanging information during the recruitment process were decisive to form teams fully integrated. With this, we were able to recover lost human capital in less than expected time."

Fernando Lavinas, Diretor Administrativo Financeiro na América Tecnologia

The DPC Talent Solution goes far beyond Recruiting and Selecting Professionals. Get to know our other services:

Performance Evaluation;



Quapfication Managient;

Riuneration Systi.

Count on DPC's expertise in hiring, retaining, and training your human capital. Please contact one of our experts by the iail or by phone (21) 3231-3728.

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