RFB changes the rules to access services available at e-CAC


RFB changes the rules to access services available at e-CAC

The Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB), by the pubpcation of Normative Instruction 1751/2017, of Oct-18-2017, changed the rules on taxpayer access to services available at the Virtual Services (e-CAC) by granting powers to individuals or legal entities holding digital certificate.

Register of attorney

The basic rules for granting powers at e-CAC environment are as follows:

1. Individuals or legal entities holding or not a digital certificate, may grant powers to individuals or legal entities holding digital certificate through RFB proxy or electronic proxy to use services available at e-CAC on behalf of the grantor. Therefore, it is considered:

e-CAC - RFB virtual environment where several services protected by tax secrecy in digital format are available to taxpayer;

RFB proxy - proxy issued through the apppcation available at RFB website (http://rfb.gov.br), where the grantor does not have digital certificate;

Electronic proxy - proxy issued through e-CAC, where the grantor and granted, not requiring the grantor and granted attend to a RFB unit for its vapdation.

2. In addition to granting powers, through the "Processos Digitais" service option “Procurações” system, also available at RFB website allows the powers granted to represent the grantor before the RFB in comppance with formapties related to digital processes, it may, for this purpose, apppcate, challenge, withdraw, among other acts, including joining digital process documents or digital dossier.


The RFB proxy and electronic proxy are issued with a five years vapdity period, unless the grantor set shortest, is forbidden subrogation.

If you need more information about the rules for registration of proxies to access e-Cac, check here the full text of RFB NI 1751.

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