Rio de Janeiro City Hall publishes measures for gradual resumption of economic activities


Rio de Janeiro City Hall publishes measures for gradual resumption of economic activities

The Decree no. 47.488 published in the Extra Edition of the Official Gazette of Jun-02-2020, presents the plan for a gradual resumption of activities in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, due to the impacts of the new coronavirus pandemic .

The Strategic Committee was created by the decree for development, improvement, and monitoring the Resumption Plan, which will assist the Mayor in proposing and implementing measures.

Resumption Plan

The plan with the following actions is foreseen, with the distinction of those that are short, medium and long term:

    I - definition of a gradual return of economic activities, according to the essentiality nature of services and the evolution of health indicators;

    II - provision for the establishment of health safety rules for the gradual return of activities;

    III - presentation of a technical proposal for the implementation of teleworking and distance education;

    IV - provision of public policies aimed at the production of goods and services, as well as campaigns for the engagement of the population;

    V - provision for maintenance and proposals for improving policies to protect people in situations of vulnerability and to combat hunger, based on the municipal database of families registered in the Social Territories Program, for the protection of vulnerable populations, without prejudice to others. databases;

    VI - actions to stimulate the economic recovery, especially to leverage activities that generate employment.

The Resumption Plan will obey the phasing criteria defined in the following table:

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The structure for reopening economic and social activities will be divided into six stages, each of them according to the nature of their activity. The phasing will take place by stipulating new time frames for reopening or maintaining interruption of activities provided for in other regulations, especially those defined by the Rio Decree no. 47.282/2020, which brought measures to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic.

The resumption of activities begins with "Phase 1", and will result in the progression to the next phase, after a fifteen-day minimum period, provided that the monitored health indicators are examined and evaluated to enable this release to the next phase, and after prior authorization from the City Hall's Strategic and Scientific Committees.

Golden rules

The Golden Rules, which are the measures that must be strictly observed by the establishments and service providers during the Resumption Plan:

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In addition to the Golden Rules above, specific prevention measures for the operation of certain establishments may be established by a specific regulatory act of the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), considering, among other technical criteria, the risk of transmission and contagion by the new coronavirus in the course of the activities developed.

Cleaning methods

The standard presents the following concepts to clarify cleaning procedures:

  • Simultaneous cleaning - the cleaning maintenance process during the establishment's operation, with a recommended frequency of three hours, at least;
  • Closing cleaning - the most complete and careful process performed in a more comprehensive way, before or after the end of activities;
  • Immediate cleaning - that performed immediately at a possible contamination of the environment or surface.

Compliance Seal

The Covid -19 Preventive Measures Compliance Seal was created to grant to commercial and industrial establishments and to service providers that require it, in order to ratify the commitment to comply with and enforce the Golden Rules.

The establishments interested in obtaining the seal should fill-in a self-stating at the website “Portal Carioca Digital" according to the provisions of SMS Resolution No. 4,424, which governs the obtaining, use and suspension of use of the seal.

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