São Paulo: Regulation of the “Nos Conformes” Program

State of São Paulo regulated the "Nos Conformes" program, which deals with ICMS.



São Paulo: Regulation of the “Nos Conformes” Program

The São Paulo State Decree 64453/2019 , published on Sep-07-2019, rules the classification of taxpayers of Operations Related to the Circulation of Goods and on Rendering of Services of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication - ICMS, provided for in Complementary Law 1320/2018, which established the Tax Compliance Stimulus Program - “Nos Conformes”.

Taxpayers under the Periodic Determination Scheme will be classified into the following categories: A +, A, B, C, D, E and NC (Non-classified), based on the following criteria:

    (1) unpaid tax obligations related to the ICMS; and

    (2) the joining between bookkeeping or statement and tax documents issued by or intended for the taxpayer.

The application of the classification criteria will consider the triggering events occurred from 05/01/2018.

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