SEFAZ-RJ – New limit to submit information – Benefits or exemptions


SEFAZ-RJ - New limit to submit information - Benefits or exemptions

Rio de Janeiro State Treasury Secretariat (SEFAZ-RJ) published on 07.07.2017 a new resolution (SEFAZ Resolution No. 94/2017) changing the provision of information referred to in Article 4 of Law No. 7495/2016. This led to extension of period from Jul-07 to Aug-04-2017 (last business day of the first week of August 2017) to taxpayers enjoy tax benefits or tax exemptions to provide the tax benefit re-registration to which is framed. Major Repeal

In addition to the deadline changing and other changes, the Article 4 of SEFAZ Resolution No. 90/2017, which indicated that the taxpayer included in a listed incentive and did not report the incentives at the Portal would be giving up the incentive, were repealed.

More companies required

Another highlight was the extension of requirement for all taxpayers who use tax benefits or tax exemptions. Before change, only the cases listed in the activity list should take action about information filing.

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