Technology in people management: a greater mobility and flexibility for companies and teams

Technology in people management: a greater mobility and flexibility for companies and teams

Technological solutions applied to management boost performance, promoting improvements and freeing companies to perform more strategically

In an increasingly dynamic and competitive market, new technological tools are incorporated into the routine to help businesses in their growth journey. Following this movement, human resources management also now relies on technology to enhance its practices and processes.

The use of software, applications, and automation makes the execution of tasks more agile and efficient, improving internal activities.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores is continuously incorporating new technological resources in people management, both in its internal processes and in the provision of payroll services to clients.

The Products and Innovation area, created with the Kinesis project, has been a partner in deploying systems and solutions for people management in DPC itself, and in companies that hire labor and social security outsourcing services.

    Together with people management, this technology brings results, such as:

    • More agility in the personnel department workflows and processes;
    • Better experience: usability and greater autonomy and convenience for employees and managers;
    • Integrated management of human resources;
    • Remote control of teams;
    • Mitigation of errors and non-compliance risks.

“The benefits of these changes and how the technologies are already being useful for the processes are very clear. Internal improvements have impact on our performance and enable us to better serve the client, something that always motivates our actions”.

Greater mobility and better results

The demand for more technological controls has increased in this period in which companies are keeping their teams working remotely. Mobile solutions, for example, have played an essential role in this new moment in the market.

Management systems bring facilities such as electronic time registration by geolocation, vacation requests through the system, profile, and history of the employee in the company organized in a digital environment.

In the pandemic, the possibility of registering the time from anywhere, by application or computer, is something that meets the needs of companies and employees, even avoiding the contact of people with a unique device, such as the traditional “time clock” positioned in the accesses to the offices.

Greater efficiency and security with data in the cloud

The use of cloud solutions for employee data storage is an ever growing alternative as well.

The benefits provided justify it: organization, traceability, ease of management, efficiency, and security. Flexibility and mobility are other advantages. Cloud data can be accessed from anywhere.

Integrated management

The use of technological tools also enables an integrated management of human resources information. With the electronic clock registration, for example, instantly, it is possible to have visibility of the employee's daily work movement. The time bank is automatically counted and the system still controls vacations and pending.

The access to this information is always updated and available in a few clicks, makes the management more agile and gives the leader a global view of the team management.

eSocial imposed a new rhythm

The implementation of eSocial imposed on companies a new pace for transmitting labor and social security information related to their employees.

This government system required the companies' personnel department to act in a more planned, organized and agile manner. Relying on a system that integrates the employees' data facilitates the fulfillment of this obligation with precision and meeting the deadline.

DPC solutions for human resources management

In addition to applying these practices in its internal routine, using new and up-to-date tools, DPC advises clients on the implementation of the main systems on the market, including modern solutions for payroll management.

Marcelo Lima, DPC’s director, recalls that it is important to support the client in the validation of business rules, scenarios, and validation of Personnel Dept and HR systems, in order to guarantee an assertive deployment, compliant with the current legislation.

“Concerning people management, it is important to emphasize that relying on a system is not enough, it requires to be properly configured according to the business and the laws”.

DPC offers specific consultancy services or integrated projects that start with mapping processes to identify bottlenecks, involve the creation of automated spreadsheets for a greater agility and efficiency, and even assistance in systemic deployment.

“Our work is focused on supplying high-level innovative solutions to the client. These products are combined with our consultative and close support to have an impact on the performance of the businesses we advise, creating better results and increasing our client's satisfaction”, concludes Marcelo Lima.

Keep following the Kinesis section and stay on top of the new features for the next months. There is much more to come!

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