The client at the core of the business: DPC implements a Customer Care Department to improve the client’s experience

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The client at the core of the business: DPC implements a Customer Care Department to improve the client’s experience

Area seeks to strengthen relationships to provide solutions more in line with the client's business strategy

Recently, DPC announced its new strategic position to the market. One of the highlights was the determination of customer centricity to set the tone for the changes. From concept to practice, the Customer Care Department was implemented, leading the main initiatives placing the client at the center of the business.

This means understanding the challenges experienced by the client, where they are at, what their critical factors, demands and expectations are. Therefore, from this analysis, it is possible to come up with solutions that really make a difference.

"The goal is to establish a channel allowing us to add more value to deliveries, raising the service level to improve the experience throughout the client's life cycle, contributing to a partnership and win-win relationship", explains Karine Lammel, the Customer Care leader at DPC.

In general, the proposal is to:

    • To act as a complementary area to the operational and routine service, focused on short and medium term client’s strategies;

    • To assist the client in its objectives by providing customized solutions contributing to the growth and development of its business.

The creation of the area complements measures of the ongoing transformation process at DPC, centralized in the Kinesis project, adding to other strategic and operational initiatives to build a more modern, technological, innovative and a closer company to the client.

“This is a transformation that the whole DPC is engaging in, from a change in culture, focusing the client on the core of our business, understanding more of the specificities of each business and delivering more prepared and tailored solutions”, evaluates Luiz Flávio Cordeiro, director of DPC in São Paulo.

Better understanding the customer

The starting point of the Customer Care Department was mapping the client's path to comprehend the current interactions between the parties and to conduct the planning of sequenced actions. Thus, all client's communication points with DPC, from negotiation to the routine of service maintenance, are being reviewed.

“It has been very important to better understand the way the client sees us, the relationship we have with them, the communication in these stages. This has made possible identifying a series of opportunities for improvement aiming at facilitating the so recurrent exchanges”, comments Karine.

Recently, the Customer Care Department assisted a large technology company in an incorporation. The challenge was to redesign the processes, considering the need for integrating the different management realities and systems existing in the two units. In a collaborative and transparent way, the Customer Care Department acted integrated to the other DPC’s areas, understanding these demands and evaluating possible future scenarios to propose solutions in line with this client's expectations and objectives.

DPC closest to the client

With this vision, DPC has sought to establish a closer relationship with the client. In this sense, one of the works is based on listening to the perceptions and demands of those who hire the services. That is how DPC began this conversation, with approaching different clients in spaces favorable for exchange, out of the operational routine.

“The idea is to stay closer, to have this continuous interaction, expanding the dialogue between the parties. With an accurate look, combined with our business and market expertise, we can significantly add to our clients' business, both in predicting situations and risks, and in developing new solutions”, comments Karine.

This closer relationship also enables a proactive behavior to be adopted in face of the identified demands, offering a whole range of customized solutions, such as consulting, training, processes models, systems implementation, among others. The client gains in having the demands comprehended and promptly met.

The leader of Customer Care emphasizes that contributions have been very valuable, and the survey in general has shown confidence in DPC’s performance. "We have received very positive feedbacks from clients, recognizing our quality, excellence, flexibility, and ability to offer solutions adjusted to the daily challenges of their business".

Commitment to client’s success

Domingues e Pinho Contadores emphasizes the excellence as one of its cornerstones, its commitment to the client's success and its ability to build transparent and long-lasting relationships.

All these factors contribute to the company being able to perform a more strategic and consultative role and, increasingly, to present customized and tailored solutions for the client's business.

Keep following the Kinesis section and stay on top of news that will be implemented in the coming months. Much more is coming!

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