The ordinance extinguishing Siscoserv is published


The ordinance extinguishing Siscoserv is published

The SECINT/RFB Joint Ordinance 2,2091/2020, published in the Official Gazette, of Oct-21-2020, has extinguished the Foreign Trade Integrated System (Siscoserv) through the revocation of the following normative acts:

    I - MDIC Ordinance 113/2012, which provides for the mandatory provision of information of an economic and commercial nature to the Ministry of Economy regarding transactions between residents or domiciled in Brazil and residents or domiciled abroad that comprise services, intangibles and other operations that produce changes in the assets of individuals, legal entities and depersonalized entities, as well as MDIC Ordinances 233/2012, 62/2013, 261/2013, 385/2015;

    II - RFB/SCS Joint Ordinance 1,908/2012, which establishes Siscoserv, as well as RFB/SCS Joint Ordinances 2,319/2012, 232/2013, 1,268/2013, 1,603/2013, 2,197/2014, 1,820/2015, 2,362/2017, 2,065 / 2018;

    III - RFB/SCS Joint Ordinance 2,066/2018, which approves the 12th Edition of the Computerized Siscoserv Booklets of Sale and Purchase Modules.

The Special Secretariats of Foreign Trade and International Affairs (Secint) and the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) of the Ministry of Economy had already announced the termination and remained a confirmation through a normative act, as occurred presently.

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