Time to resume organizing the IRPF 2020

In view of the new coronavirus pandemic and its impact on taxpayers, the IRS has postponed the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax Declaration 2020 (DIRPF 2020) for 60 days.


Time to resume organizing the IRPF 2020

In view of the new coronavirus pandemic and its impact on taxpayers, the IRS has postponed the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax Declaration 2020 (DIRPF 2020) for 60 days.

Normally, the transmission should be made at the end of April, but this year, exceptionally, DIRPF 2020 may be presented until June 30th.

Even gaining more time for accountability, a recommendation that is repeated every year is not to leave the filling until the last hour. Therefore, it is time to resume the organization of the items needed to fulfill this annual obligation.

It is worth remembering that the previous organization of the documents contributes to:

  • identify the lack of any document or proof in a timely manner for action;
  • due planning of the best strategy for certain records;
  • guarantee the deductibility of expenses, gathering the necessary receipts;
  • agility in delivering the declaration, ensuring priority in receiving the refund.


The refund calendar was maintained from May to September, with the first batch scheduled for May 29.

Refunds will be prioritized in the order in which declarations are delivered. However, the order of priority will be:

    1. elderly taxpayers, with special priority given to those over 80;

    2. the taxpayer with a disability, physical or mental;

    3. taxpayers whose main source of income is the teaching profession; and

    4. the other contributors.

Changes in the IRPF 2020

  • As of the 2020 declaration, it is no longer possible to deduct the contributions of domestic employees made to the INSS by the employer.
  • Revenue also starts to require the receipt number of the previous declaration for the taxpayers and their dependents who, in calendar year 2019, earned income subject to an annual adjustment equal to or greater than R$ 200 thousand.
  • Another change is that the CNPJs of the banks where the taxpayer has a checking account and investments must be included in the declaration.

  • Information, documents and vouchers to have on hand

    CPF of the dependents

    The inclusion of the CPF of all dependents has been mandatory since 2019. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the document for everyone who will be listed in the declaration.

    Declaration of assets

    Declaration of immovable property: it is mandatory to inform the date of acquisition, total area, full address, registration of IPTU, registration number (RGI) or document proving possession.


    Vehicles: the amount paid for the purchase must be informed, which does not change over the years. Changing the value of the asset is only justified in the case of improvements, such as, for example, the installation of armor.


    In case of purchase or sale of real estate, vehicles and other goods, it is necessary to inform the full name of the buyer or seller, address and CPF or CNPJ and proof of purchase or sale.

    Vouchers for deduction

    Education: keep vouchers for regular school, technical courses, college, master's, doctorate, postgraduate courses for the reduction provided for by law. Language courses and extracurricular activities are non-deductible for IR purposes.


    Health: gather vouchers and invoices for payment of health plan and medical consultations, as well as hospitalizations and exams performed by the cardholder and dependents. Fully reimbursed expenses cannot be deducted.

    Other vouchers and documents

    (when applicable)


    • Proof of alimony payment
    • Proof of rent (payments or income)
    • Inheritance received in the period
    • Donations made or received in the period
    • eSocial of domestic employees
    • Loans and financing
    • Purchase and / or sale of shares

    Income Report

    This document contains all amounts received by an individual from a paying source within a calendar year, proving the origin of the payments received in the period.


    Such amounts must be informed in the declaration and are the same reported by the paying sources to the Federal Revenue as payments made in favor of the taxpayer..

    Digital Certificate

    Digital certificate The digital certificate guarantees security when sending data, in addition to facilitating the verification and correction of information and the accompaniment of the declaration. You must be aware of the expiration date and, if necessary, arrange for renewal.

    Support for the delivery of the IRPF 2020

    The taxpayer can count on Domingues e Pinho Contadores solutions for filling and transmitting DIRPF 2020. The service is performed in an agile, personalized and confidential manner by the team dedicated to serving Individuals, ensuring full compliance with the requirements of the Federal Revenue Service. Brazil.

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