What changes in companies’ routine with eSocial


What changes in companies’ routine with eSocial

Specialists unanimously say that eSocial have impacts to the companies’ routine and imposes a new way in the day-to-day actions.

Although the system had not accompanied by changes in labor and social security legislation, it centralizes a range of information significantly changing the relationship of companies with government in an electronic environment where data crossing is the great resource of the Treasury to map out flaws and inconsistencies.

Much is said that this moment demands that businesses develop a new work structure and establish a new organizational culture. However, in practice with eSocial, what changes in the companies’ routine?

eSocial: impacts on companies' day-to-day

The information must be provided to eSocial through groups of events. Each event has a specific layout and must be submitted observing a logical sequence.

    - Initial events: they identify the employer and contain basic data of its social security classification and its administrative structure.

    - Events tables: they complement the database structure with a series of information that validates non-periodic and periodic events.

    - Non-periodic events: they do not have an exact date to occur, as they depend on the relationship between employer and employee (hiring, change of salary, termination, and others).

    - Periodic events: the occurrence has defined periodicity. They are composed of information on payroll, calculation and other triggering events of labor and social security contributions.

At eSocial environment, events are identified by "S" codes, each relating to a specific record. Each "S" event is also a single file, which must be presented according to its occurrence and deadline determined by the system.

The major impact on database feeding in the business routine is due to non-recurring events. The departments responsible for transmitting information should be aware of deadlines, since fines and penalties due to delay or failure to file may be heavy.

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Deadlines for the communication of non-periodic events:



This event must be transmitted by the end of the day immediately prior to the employee's hiring. It is also possible to receive the event up to 30 days prior the informed hiring date. The event can be canceled at the system until the hiring day, if this does not happen.

Amendment in the employee's register data

The companies will have by the 7th day of the month following the change to inform the new data or until the monthly payroll events of the accruals in which the amendment occurred.

Amendment in the employment relationship agreement

Changes in the hiring form must be informed by the 7th day of the month following the change or until the monthly payroll events of the accruals in which the amendment occurred.

Call for intermittent work

Must be submitted prior to the beginning of the service provision for which the employee is being called to.

Leave by medical certificate

In accordance with the manual, leaves of, at least three days, must be reported to eSocial. We recommend filing all the certificates, regardless of the number of days.


Should be informed to the employee 30 days in advance and in the eSocial together with the payroll.

End of test period agreement

The information of employee’s termination agreement must be filed within ten (10) days from the termination date.

Reporting accidents at work

The companies must report the accidents at work to the Social Security by the first working day following the occurrence and, in case of death, immediately to the competent authority.

Termination of employment relationship agreement

The information of employee’s termination agreement must be filed within ten (10) days from the termination date


The cases where the worker is re-hired should also be informed. This must be communicated by the 7th day of the month following the re-hiring, provided that it does not exceed the filing date of the event "S-1200” (Remuneration of Workers linked to the General Social Security System), and “S-1202” (Remuneration of the servant linked to the Proper Social Security Regime), for the employee to which it refers to.

It is noteworthy that these are the deadlines to file the information at the eSocial environment. Therefore, if the company outsources this processing and transmission work, it must also consider the processing time between the contracting and contractor, so that compliance with the deadline requirements can be held. Hence, it is important to hire qualified suppliers for this management and filings.

A new way to work

It is very clear that eSocial enlarges a need for companies to work in an organized and aligned, faced the volume of involved information and procedures.

Processes that previously were spread among different departments should be reviewed and the internal culture should be redesigned so that the information can be integrated, so that it is accurately generated, in accordance with the platform's standards and deadlines.

With eSocial, information that previously was monthly is now informed in a timely manner, with the generating fact. Thus, one of the great challenges for companies is to build an acting way that gives them agility and the interconnection of areas previously not integrated.

Technical capacity and legislation knowledge are also increments at this time. Who invest in the team qualification and awareness achieve better results in this project.

Seek for expert advice to suit to the eSocial

Customized training, review of internal procedures for adoption of best practices, set-up of systems, review of records and filing obligations in a timely or periodic manner are some of the solutions that Domingues e Pinho Contadores offers to its clients.

The company has advised hundreds of businesses of different sizes and areas to suit and meet eSocial requirements, ensuring more security and tranquility in the system response process.

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