With new strategic positioning, DPC aims for the future

With new strategic positioning, DPC aims for the future

New corporate positioning seeks to strengthen the relationship with the client based on a more strategic, consultative and technological performance

To remain a reference in its segment and be at the forefront of the market in which it operates, it is necessary to reinvent itself, innovate, look to the future and plan how to get there. That is what DPC is looking for through the restructuring and transformation process it is going through, the most profound since its foundation 36 years ago.

DPC is changing.

This movement has been conducted in a structured way, assessing the level of development of the company, the place it occupies and wishes to occupy in its area of operation, its main competitors, the performance of its sectors and teams, the solutions delivered to customers and the practices and tools that need to be improved in order to achieve the objectives.

After more than three decades of operation, DPC is preparing for a new era. Aware of changes in its segment, customer demands and the wishes of new generations of employees, the company understands that its role goes far beyond the fulfillment of obligations.

This means placing the customer more and more in the center of attention, understanding their demands and presenting customized and effective solutions, in a more dynamic and flexible performance model. DPC of the future is already under construction.

“Quality, excellence and commitment to the customer are in the DNA of DPC. That base does not change. So the company is recognized and wants to continue to be. The new, more modern and bold marketing stance will add to the tradition that the name Domingues e Pinho Contadores carries”, says Marluci.

Accounting itself has been changing in recent years, imposing a faster pace of action. The use of specific software and task automation are already a reality at DPC, which combines this technology with its expertise to deliver its services with agility and precision.

Among other things, DPC seeks ways to:

  • Highlight its differentials in the competitive outsourcing and business management market.
  • Offering new technological facilities to customers, favoring access to information and data analysis.
  • To act in a consultative way, participating more and more in the decision-making process of clients.
  • Be at the forefront of technological development in the sector.
  • Establish a culture of innovation.
  • Improve the ways to recruit, develop, value and retain talents, ensuring teams with cultural fit, engaged and high performance.

Steps for restructuring

In August last year, DPC hired an external consultant to conduct the company's restructuring and transformation phase. This 12-month work began with an in-depth diagnosis, identifying gaps and points for improvement in all sectors, going through support and even operational areas. Since the initial phase, the company has taken care to involve its employees in the transformation cycle, including promoting an internal competition to choose the name and slogan of the project.

The winning idea was in line with the objectives and pillars proposed by the modernization work: Kinesis - The DPC of the future is built in the present. In Greek, Kinesis means change, movement.

Pillars of the project

The Kinesis project is still in progress. Now the work is practical, focused on the execution of the strategies defined in order to transform the company. The energy is focused on the development of actions that will lead the DPC to reach the goals set.

The following are some fronts and the expected impacts on client service.

Centricidade no cliente

The new positioning seeks to strengthen the relationship with the client through a more strategic, more consultative and technological performance. For this reason, Kinesis brings client centricity as a common point among all its fronts.

“Through client centricity, we seek to identify the life stage of the business, its challenges and opportunities. This collective and integrated understanding directs all areas of DPC to deliver the best experience to each of our clients”.

Strategic HR

Internally, the Strategic HR front has been working on the application of people management models and tools that ensure the attraction of differentiated professionals and that fully develop the potential of new talents and leaders, in line with the strategic positioning, values and objectives of short, medium and long term of the company.

“We focus on the continuous training of our talents. We are recognized for being a company that trains excellent professionals. This training involves the development of skills and competences of the accountant of the future, for a performance closer to the client, more consultative.

The front seeks to establish a collaborative culture, promote employee engagement and a sense of purpose and belonging, impacting the quality of deliveries and, of course, the value perceived by clients.

Products and Innovation

The new area, the result of the integration of the development, process and technology offices, arrives to put into practice the company's innovation strategy, assuming a leading role in the construction of DPC of the future.

With constant investments in structural areas, in information security and in the integration of processes and systems, the team meeting will provide greater integration and knowledge sharing, which are fundamental in the innovation process. With a specialized team, the area already offers consultancy in the implantation, evaluation and diagnosis, parameterization and approval of systems.

“There is a world of possibilities and innovative applications in sight. With a team dedicated to development, DPC gains momentum to innovate. Intelligence solutions for data analysis that assist customers in decision making are among the projects”.

With a vision of the future and aware of its purpose, DPC seeks to be closer to its clients, working so that the businesses it advises can overcome the challenges of each moment. Based on everything that is being built, the company seeks to continue contributing to the business of its customers, to the evolution of the accounting market and to the development of the country.

Keep following the Kinesis section and stay on top of news that will be implemented in the coming months. Much more is coming!

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