Women who inspire: DPC promotes Conversation Round for International Women’s Day

Women shared experiences and points of view during the meeting.


Women who inspire: DPC promotes Conversation Round for International Women's Day

A space for exchanging experiences and chatting about topics of the feminine universe, such as career, health, motherhood, multitasking and finance. That was the “Conversation Round: Women who inspire”, an event promoted by DPC, on March 13, as part of the celebrations for International Women's Day.

The meeting was held in the DPC-RJ auditorium with video transmission to DPC-SP, bringing together members from different teams.

Luciana Arakaki, from DPC Marketing, made the opening, presenting the book “Gol de Letrinhas - Women who inspire Caju”, the result of a Gol de Letra Foundation project that the company supports through Rio de Janeiro Municipal Culture Incentive Law.

“This publication teaches us that every woman is a source of inspiration for someone, proving that everyone has something special,” said Luciana. In the book, children assisted by the institution say that mothers, aunts, sisters, grandparents or teachers are a source of inspiration for their strength and courage (see more here).

To start the activities, coach Deborah Cosenza, facilitator of the event, made a parallel with the book, asking each participant of the circle to indicate an inspiring woman.

Then, she drew the themes discussed in the circle. The members then commented on the issues raised, bringing their experiences and points of view on each topic, exchanging experiences.

In the end, the participants were touched by a dynamic of creative visualization that proposed that each one should look at themselves without so many demands and criticisms, an exercise in self-care essential for the well-being of women today.

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